As many of you know, several individuals have come up with a "alternative" for the Convention Center Expansion project known as the Citizens Plan For SD.

We do not support the Briggs initiative since it further delays the Phase 3 project.

The Phase 3 Convention Center Expansion Project would expand the facility on the waterfront next to the 5th Avenue Landing and would add more public access with a rooftop park. It would also allow for bigger conventions to be held here in San Diego. On the other hand, if the East Village plan went through, you would have a mile walk between the two facilities and it would be a logistical nightmare for big conventions. It's clear that JMI (Ballpark Village) has vested intrest in the East Village site since that's where they have planned a campus expansion in the future. But as proven by the Market Demand and Economic Impact Analysis released by the Convention Center, it has been proven that a Contiguous venue would make the most return on investment. Comic Con even backs Phase 3 Project.



If you trash the Phase 3 project you are looking at years of red tape to get something built in the East Village. Once the Briggs suite against the Coastal Commission and the San Diego Convention Center is thrown out of court, the city can secure the funding through a public vote, and the facility can start construction directly afterwards. Don't fall into the East Village trap. The Phase 3 project needs to stay on the Waterfront for the vested growth of our community. There's always the Phase 4 expansion to the Convention Center which could be a campus facility with a new stadium... or better yet a stadium on the waterfront.

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